Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Audio System

$ 169.99 $ 60.00


Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Audio System

$ 169.99 $ 60.00

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The Most Advanced Line of Pregnancy Audio Products on the Market Today!

Ritmo is a comfortable, safe, and fun way to play music to your baby in the womb.

Ritmo provides an award-winning combination of state-of-the-art prenatal acoustic technology, versatility, and functionality.

The Science Behind Ritmo


The Most Important Stimulus for a Child's Development

Each day, researchers and scientists are discovering new ways music influences mental and physical development.

Music is a “first language” we share with our child and is the first step to communication and parental bonding.

Did you know...
  • The main external awareness for a baby in the womb is sound outside of the womb.
  • A baby in the womb can recognize its mother's voice, and can even distinguish it from other female voices.
  • A baby not only can recognize its mother’s voice, but it will even change its behavior to elicit a mother’s voice.
  • Research has shown that children recognize and prefer music they were exposed to in the womb for at least a year after they are born.


Children should be exposed to music as early as possible. Scientific studies show that music is the foundation that encourages all areas of development. Mentally it helps shape memory and language, and physically, it introduces rhythm and coordination.

The right products can make a big difference in how children can enjoy and interact with music. Ritmo Pregnancy is developed specifically with a Child’s audio enjoyment in mind.

What the Experts Say:

Prenatal stimulation through music heard regularly while in the womb might provide some babies with a sense of confidence and relaxation after they're born. You and your baby also will quickly discover an excellent way to bond and share in the emotional and potential intellectual development benefits this method may bring.

- Jennifer Lacey, BabyZone

Musicologists seem to agree that rhythms, similar to their mother's heartbeat, have the most calming effect on babies in utero. This, like reading to your child, can be used as a tool to calm a fussy newborn.

-Thomas Verny, M.D. - The Secret Life of the Unborn Child